Why Not Trump?

Same topic, different views

By By Tim Baldwin and Joe Carbonari

By Tim Baldwin

World Net Daily recently posted an article that described Donald Trump as a political warrior. The polls reflect that Trump’s leadership, in reality, overshadows all other Republican candidates. Trump isn’t alone here. Bernie Sanders displays daunting leadership, too. But unlike Trump, media give Sanders no attention or presidential viability. Curious, given notable predictions that Hillary’s campaign will flop and Sander’s growing populist appeal.

It may be surprising to see similarities between these two leaders — one a capitalist, the other a socialist. Both strongly appeal to the middle class; are not “bought” by elites; support controlling immigration; oppose NAFTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership; support individuals’ gun rights; are anti-establishment; and not afraid to run as Independents.

If Trump’s popularity sustains, but for some reason he is not the Republican nominee, Trump may extend his popularity by running third party. If Sanders meets the same fate of not being the Democrat nominee, Trump and Sanders could join forces. This dynamic-duo ticket could prove a powerful third-party ticket against what would likely be entrenched establishment candidates, like Bush and Biden.

Would Trump and Sanders be able to successfully challenge the two-party monopoly America has had most of its life? Their warrior leadership suggests, yes. In that case, Trump and Sanders would represent much more than a presidential race. They would represent what people want most: freedom from corrupt politics.


By Joe Carbonari

Donald Trump had to run for president. It was a simple business decision. Donald Trump’s business is The Donald Trump Show. It is all about Donald Trump. Running for president, and losing with style, is the business plan. It is not a net loss but rather a gain for the Trump Show. It ups his celebrity status. It plays to his ego. It is good for Donald Trump. For the American people, it should be unthinkable. Ironically, not thinking seems to be involved.

Intuition, how you feel about a candidate, may lead a vote, but only if not overwhelmed by energy. If a candidate taps a strong vein of shared emotion within you, say anger or frustration, intuition can be ignored. Actually thinking about the suitability of a candidate who emotionally triggers a vote may never take place. It is irresponsible and self-indulgent. Trump is a threat to all of us.

Donald Trump’s style is not unlike that of a bully. He is also loud-mouthed. He makes some of the other candidates look weak. He could make some important others, world leaders, look weak, too. In a volatile world this is gasoline. Trump goes to Teheran, Trump goes to Moscow, Trump goes to China.

Hotels and casinos are Trump’s milieu. He knows the businesses, he knows the people and he knows his role. It is where he belongs. He should return.

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