Montana Seeks to Offer Wolf Trapping Course Online

Safety course a requirement for anyone who wants to trap a wolf in the state

By Tristan Scott

Montana officials are seeking permission to offer a wolf trapping course online after seeing class participation decline over the last two years.

The safety and education course is a requirement for anybody who wants to trap a wolf in the state.

More than 3,200 people have taken the class since wolf trapping was allowed in 2012. But most of those participants were in 2012, and only 281 people took the class last year.

Trappers who take the certification course once don’t have to take it again.

Wildlife officials will ask the Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission Thursday to allow trappers to take the course online instead of in person.

Fish, Wildlife and Parks officials say the proposal is in recognition of the decline of the decline, and offering the course online will be more efficient.