Who’s Really Hijacking the GOP?

It is time to take the blinders off

By Richard Funk

If the recent letters put forth by Tammi Fisher, Ed Berry and Bruce Tutvedt are any indication, the so-called, self-proclaimed moderates of the Republican Party are running scared. The public is on to these posers and not drinking their Kool-Aid any more.

Tammi Fisher, begins with her claim that it is the conservatives who are trying to hijack the Montana Republican Party. In truth it is the liberal Democrat Lights who have been trying to hijack the Party.

They posed as Republicans until the election was over, then they showed us their true colors. They went out of their way to back nearly every liberal item put forth by Gov. Steve Bullock. More spending equals more taxes. That’s the mark of a liberal Democrat not a fiscally responsible Republican. If it walks and talks like a duck, call it what it is!

If you wonder if your representative is one of these, just check his or her voting record. Pay particular attention to the vote to suspend the rules in regards to voting majorities.

Ask yourself, “What did these liberals do for you?”

If you are a senior citizen, they did nothing except to remove one of the few perks that this state ever offered us. This is in regards to our hunting and fishing licenses. Now, as senior citizens on fixed incomes, we get to pay more to help Fish, Wildlife and Parks meet their funding goal and subsidize their free hunting licenses for beginning hunters.

Perhaps the most disturbing letter was Mr. Berry’s, where he blames the state’s problems on Conservative Evangelicals. It certainly appears, Mr. Berry wants to marginalize all Christian Conservatives.

He applauds Tammi Fisher’s position as being correct, and states that the water compact and Kerr Dam transfer as being bipartisan and good for the local economy, as does Bruce Tutvedt. I guess they were caught by surprise when the Tribes announced they were not going to make any payments to help offset the removal of the dam from Lake County’s tax base.

Up until their announcement, the Tribes acted as if they were going to work in good faith with county; not anymore. The dam is transferred and the smokescreen is no longer necessary. So the taxpayers in Lake County are going to have to make up the $1 million difference.

If the water compact is ratified by the U.S. Senate, I wonder how much “good faith” the water users are going to receive. Contact our senators in Washington, and urge them not to support the water compact treaty!

For now, it is time to take the blinders off. These posers do not represent us. Let’s fire them and get real Republicans back in the Legislature.

Richard Funk

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