Helena Shouldn’t Control Our Wage Outcome

Vote in someone who believes in your ability as a person

By Matt Regier

In the January 27th Beacon issue in letters to the editor the letter “Raise the Minimum Wage” neglects worker respect and pushes political control.

I believe in all hardworking Montanans. From entry-level jobs to career jobs, it is the hard work ethic and ingenuity that creates value in the individual worker. It is that value that determines compensation. The premise that politicians need to force the market to pay a certain wage accepts the notion that the Montanan worker cannot create that value him/herself.

When I was a child my parents, to teach me about work ethic, assigned chores and subsequent pay scale for the “work” I had done. Looking back there was no real value to my childish attempts at productivity. I am sure many of you had similar childhood stories and laugh at the effort you gave. Remember the mess that was created, and yet we still got paid (God bless parents). It was a great way to teach a child about the value of work, but the Montana workforce are not children. We don’t need a “parent” in Helena stepping in and controlling our wage outcome despite the value we bring to others. I have more respect for the working class than that. The Montana working class has tremendous value and is continually working to make themselves more valuable. Montanans at all levels are responsible and entrepreneurial and that is the character that government should respect and work to foster.

In the letter the majority of the content is on other countries and their attempt to control the value of the worker via minimum wage. Why do so many liberals point to other countries and try to mimic their social structure? We live in a great country. I love America and the free markets that have created the greatest economic engine the world has known. I don’t want to mimic another nation. I love mine. I love the idea that I can dream and then set out to live that dream and not have to wait for some politician to vote for what I believe I deserve.

The author ended the letter with “Let’s vote in people willing to boost the wages of our most vulnerable members of the workforce.” I don’t believe you are vulnerable or inept. You are a workforce. Vote in someone who believes in your ability as a person, to dream and then pursue all the happiness that comes with that dignity.

Matt Regier
Candidate House District #4

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