Trump v. Clinton

Same topic, different views

By Tim Baldwin and Joe Carbonari

By Tim Baldwin

A CNN writer has called it: Donald Trump will be the GOP nominee and Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee. Among the reasons Trump will triumph, CNN says (1) he’s real, (2) he doesn’t care what you think, and (3) many Americans hate Washington. Is Trump’s perceived anti-establishment campaign enough to beat Clinton?

Clinton, as slimy as she may be, is a known and tested quantity, but Trump’s untested rhetoric and unflinching drama makes many Americans uneasy with what he may do as president and commander-in-chief. Not one Democrat will vote for Trump, but many Republicans, independents and libertarians will not vote for Trump. While some who have not voted in many elections will vote for Trump, their presence will not likely overcome voters for Hillary.

Trump’s anti-establishment success is not surprising given Americans’ disgust with establishment politics. What is curious, however, is how Americans who would support Trump for his “anti-establishment” rhetoric rejected both Rand and Ron Paul’s candidacies, who were as anti-establishment as most but who hold political principles and knowledge comparable to the best of politicians.

Trump’s attraction to many comes by his domineering and F-you attitude. This may attract some voters, but I predict it’s not enough to beat Hillary because most Americans reject authoritarian-personalities and prefer politicians who can resolve conflicts, not create them. This is the nature of democratic-republic societies.


By Joe Carbonari

Indeed, Donald Trump, let’s make America great again! Let’s drop the political correctness a notch and call a jerk a jerk. Then let’s move on to those of us who can’t resist taking the cheap shot as opposed to thinking something through. A quick quip is not necessarily wisdom.

Donald Trump knows better. That’s the worst of it. And he’s doing it anyway. He’s kidding himself that he can pull it off, that he can actually pull together a team of experts to run the show, to advise and to cover for him in fields where his knowledge is weak. Those fields are many.

That Trump has done well financially, with some ups and downs, is positive, but it has not been done without some collateral damage. He has cultivated a tough, almost wise-guy image. Neither attendance nor advice from Donald Trump is widely sought by those running New York or our country. America is still great, and the world deserves better from us.

The world of Islam is tinder and sparks are flying. The world economy depends on cooperation and no major disasters. Trump is too great a risk.

If Trump runs against Clinton, Republican moderates defect and stay home. Democrats turn out. President? The Senate? The House? Some governors? The Supreme Court? A turn of tide?

A brokered convention is preferable. Give good advice the time to sink in.