Oso’s BBQ NOW Open 7 Days a Week

By Molly Priddy

Oso’s Smokin’ BBQ, located at the Historic Tamarack Lodge in Hungry Horse, is now open seven days a week, including breakfast and dinner.

The restaurant serves barbecue dishes made with smoked meats, including the popular applewood-smoked prime rib, as well as authentic Mexican dishes from owner and chef Erico Romero’s family’s recipes.

Guests have taken to calling the food “Montana Mexican” because of the smoked meats added to the recipes to give them a new twist.

Romero said the restaurant opened up its location in Hungry Horse a couple summers ago, with last year serving as the first year it was open all summer. This summer is another step toward establishing itself.

“We’re slowly but surely evolving into a year-round restaurant,” Romero said.

For more information on Oso’s, including reservations and take-out, visit www.osocatering.com or call 406-260-0704.