Sticks and Stones

Derek Skees has comprehensive business and legislative experience

By Ronalee Skees

Sticks and stones may break my bones but your words cut to the soul of me. I have had to learn to grow thick skin and not let the power of words cut into me because I will not give that power over to those who seek to destroy, all on the reason of political gain. The lies and attack ads against my husband and the other conservative candidates in the valley are vile and childish in that they have spun a tale using the tactics of a bully on the playground. Consider this, the real issues are not blogged, not put in mail literature and not gossiped or turned into attack ads. The real issue is the future of Montana and the economic environment we will be going into in this legislative year.

Derek Skees has comprehensive business and legislative experience and the fortitude to stand strong to be a voice for the community. He listens to individuals and respects the people’s rights. He is devoted to this community and the future of this state. Derek is committed to a Montana where his children and grandchildren can live and prosper. He wants to make a difference and participate in this state’s citizen Legislature I am proud of Derek and how he has stepped up to make a commitment to family values and to build a business friendly community, and for that I have sacrificed much. I have sacrificed my security, my anonymity and my time. We the wives of candidates support our husbands and remind our children that the words of those who seek to lie and destroy will never hurt us. Take courage and stand up for principles, this is a character trait worth modeling when a citizen makes a difference. Bullies must be stopped by those with courage to stand up, I appreciate your vote for Derek Skees in HD11.

Ronalee Skees