Bullock Has Earned Second Term

Let’s look back at Gov. Bullock’s accomplishments and leadership

By Jerry Reckin

Let’s be positive for a change. I am tired of all the negative political discourse on TV and in the press. Aren’t you? I have heard many times that when attempting to make others appear bad you ultimately look worse. We are very fortunate to have an excellent governor in Steve Bullock. First and foremost he understands the Montana way of life and always strives to protect our state from negative outside influence. During his current campaign for governor he has the advantage of many excellent accomplishments during his first term. Others have only typical political rhetoric and worn out promises.

Gov. Bullock and his wife Lisa were born and raised in Montana and their three children attend public schools. He is also a product of Montana public schools and ultimately Columbia University School of Law. He and his wife Lisa have always called Montana home.

Let’s look back at Gov. Bullock’s accomplishments and leadership. During his first term as governor JP Morgan recognized Montana as the most fiscally prudent state in the nation. Montana has no debt and has a $300 million reserve which can be used for emergencies such a forest fires, flooding and other natural disasters. Our state has been consistently ranked among the top 10 in the nation for entrepreneurship, overall business tax climate, tax fairness and personal income growth. Gov. Bullock has worked with both Democrats and Republicans to balance the budget every year. Being accountable to the taxpayers, he has opened the state checkbook on line for all Montanans to view. Gov. Bullock and his administration have worked to reduce taxes and regulations which helped Montana businesses create over 20,000 new jobs and increase personal income and is among the fastest growing in the nation. He, again, brought Republicans and Democrats together to provide affordable health care for up to 70,000 working Montanans through Medicaid expansion. Our governor, when he was Montana attorney general, fought to preserve our right to access our streams and rivers and challenged the Citizens United decision all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. He worked to outlaw dark money in our elections and stood up to Washington and Wall Street. Gov. Bullock is a great supporter of our public schools and understands that an educated electorate is critical for a prosperous and progressive Montana.

I could go on about his energy, work ethic and concern for all Montanans but I encourage you to go online and read more about his accomplishments and vision for the future of Montana. He has earned a second term.

Jerry Reckin

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