Where is Our Leadership?

Trump is the kind of president I want and we need

By John O’Neil

Where is our president when you need him? He is on Martha’s Vineyard off the coast of Massachusetts playing golf and on Tuesday, Aug. 22, he was still there. All the while over 100,000 folks are suffering due to their tremendous losses as a result of massive flooding in Louisiana. Over 40,000 homes wrecked. These folks are now homeless. They have not heard a word of comfort, condolence or courage suggesting help is on the way. The leader of the free world does not care.

Where is Mrs. Clinton? She is probably saying to herself, “what difference does it make? The damage is done.” She is probably too busy counting her money. She has enough so that she could afford to send some to these folks in need.

Where is Donald Trump? He and Mike Pence went to Louisiana to help distribute an 18-wheeler of supplies that Mr. Trump had sent in. He met with plain folks and those in authority and with Franklin Graham and talked with the people who need help telling them to stay strong. Did any of us hear about any of this in the lamestream news? Not a chance.

I don’t know about you, but Trump is the kind of president I want and we need.

Spread this info around. We need to reach more people with the facts.

John O’Neil

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