Gianforte for Free Enterprise not Federal Socialistic Domination

We desperately need a dedicated, knowledgeable, experienced, successful businessman as governor

By Clarice Ryan

I am fully behind Greg Gianforte for governor. We sadly and urgently need to unseat current Gov. Steve Bullock. I have talked with Gianforte several times, but feel he likely needs more truthful information on why neither the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes’ water compact nor the hugely embellished, over-riding Sen. Jon Tester bill must not be allowed passage must not be allowed passage. Montana candidates as well as current legislators, including at federal level, have been extensively propagandized and misinformed by well-financed compact proponents.

The CSKT compact, in combination with U.S. Senate bills by Tester (S.3013) and Sen. Steve Daines (S.3014), have the potential of destroying the Montana economy by funneling to the federal government tribal power and control over our water constitutionally belonging to the state. The tribes would be acting as conduits to federally manage the administration, allocation and water use “on and off reservation.” This also represents indirect federal control of the land, its uses and productivity. Montana legislation would threateningly set precedent for application by some 326 reservations throughout the U.S. Similar forces already underway in other northwest states include dam and reservoir removal, and similar tribal water takeover. Far from representing healthy capitalistic free enterprise business development, this would be the final stages of feeding our natural resources, private property and wealth into a downward spiral of socialistic governmental control.

We desperately need a dedicated, knowledgeable, experienced, successful businessman as governor, which would be Greg Gianforte.

Clarice Ryan

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