50 Faith Leaders Supporting Jewish Communities of Montana

We call on our lawmakers to protect the rights of all citizens

By Montana Faith Leaders

As leaders of Montana communities of faith and practice, we are called to respond to the recent surge of white supremacist and neo-Nazi activity in our state. Distribution of pro-Nazi, anti-Semitic flyers in Missoula and intimidation of Jewish community members in the Flathead Valley moves us to speak out against actions of those who attack the Jewish citizens of our state, and any other minority group, with false assertions and threatening language.

As an act of solidarity, we invite people across Montana to show support by displaying menorahs in their windows this season. Find one at a local store or print a paper copy from the Internet. The menorah is a symbol of light and wisdom. In this time of transition and challenge, it represents the need to support each other in the work of peace-making, reconciliation and justice.

Further, we call on our lawmakers to protect the rights of all citizens by enacting laws that prohibit discrimination on the basis of religion, ethnicity, race, and gender. We urge law enforcement to closely monitor bias incidents and act swiftly to protect our citizens. We encourage our schools to teach tolerance and uphold state and district anti-bullying policies.

The cosigners of this letter affirm the right of all individuals and communities to live, worship, dress, and pray in accordance with their beliefs and traditions, free from intimidation and fear of violence. We affirm the rights of all people to live and worship in peace.

Rabbi Laurie Franklin, Missoula
Deacon Marcia Lauzon, Great Falls
Pastor Eric Huseth, Bonner
Rev. Susan Otey, Great Falls
Rev. Robyn Morrison, Helena
Rev. Lynne Spencer-Smith,Great Falls
Rev. Connie Campbell-Pearson, Bozeman
Rev. Tammy Bull, Great Falls
Rev. D. Gregory Smith, Bozeman
Rev. Tyler Amundson, Helena
Rev. John Lund, Missoula
Rev. Karen Disney, Troy and Libby
Rev. Dr. David Andersen, Butte
Rev. Jean Collins, Lewistown
Rev. Stephen Schmidt, Bozeman
Rev. Rob Kirby, Billings
Rev. Waveland King, Superior
Rev. Anthony Rhodes, Townsend
Rev. Nancy Slabaugh Hart, Great Falls
Rev. Dr. Steve Hundley, Great Falls
Rev. Sarah Beck, Billings
Rev. Dee Anna, Boulder
Rev. Dr. Ronald C. Greene, Great Falls
Rev. Dan Krebill, Bozeman
Rev. Dan Dixson, Missoula
Rev. Dcn. Donna Gleaves, Helena
Rabbi Ed Stafman, Bozeman
Rev. Lindean Barnett Christenson, Bozeman
Rev. Wendy Ochs, Billings
Rev. Steve DeHart, Dillon
Rev. Todd Scranton, Missoula
Rev. Charles Akula, Stevensville
Patty Optiz, Helena
Rev. Marianne Niesen, Helena
Rev. Morie Adams-Griffin, Whitefish
Rev. Jody McDevitt, Bozeman
Rev. Amy M. Carter, Missoula
Ven. Roxanne Klingensmith, Bozeman
Rev. John Daniels, Missoula
Rev. Michael S. Mulberry, Billings
Rev. Anna Merritt, Great Falls
Rev. Laurie Folkwein, Missoula
Rev. Pattiann Bennett, Eureka
Rev. Mary Wellemeyer, Columbia Falls
Rev. Tim Ljunggren, Great Falls
Rev. Susan M. Barnes, Billings
Rev. Jim Heikes, Butte
Rev. Arne Bergland, Helena

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