Deny Water Bottling Plant

Creston water bottling plant proposal can only be denied

By John Saucedo

Before approval is granted to Mr. Weaver’s proposed Creston Water Bottling Plant, I strongly suggest that you watch the recent documentary by National Geographic Channel: “Water & Power – A California Heist,” which first aired March 2017. This program documents the abuse of power by a few individuals in California, who passed legislation to meet their own needs and financial gains with complete disregard for others. It demonstrates how the misallocation of public ground water affects the daily life of the residents and also the environment.

After watching this program you will understand the potential travesty of the mismanagement and critical importance of public ground water.

I believe your decision will be monumental and potentially catastrophic to our environment and the quality of life here in the Flathead Valley. That is why Mr. Weaver’s Creston water bottling plant proposal can only be denied.

John Saucedo

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