Quist’s Questionable Financial History

How will Quist handle taxpayers’ money if he is elected to Congress?

What’s next? First, Rob Quist’s financial history made front page news in March in a story recounting his failure to repay a $10,000 loan, did not pay thousands of dollars to a contractor he had hired, and had three tax liens because of $15,000 in unpaid taxes.

Now another headline story on May 3, 2017, tells us there is more. An investigation by the Associated Press uncovered the fact that Quist under-reported $57,000 in income when he filed federally required financial disclosure statements two months ago. He overlooked $57,000? Really?

If he is so careless, dishonest, and irresponsible with his own money and financial dealings, how will he handle taxpayers’ money if he is elected to Congress?

We’ve heard a lot of airy talk about Montana values in this campaign. Montana deserves a U.S. Congressman who “walks the walk” of those true Montana values of honesty, responsibility, accountability and hard work. Because Greg Gianforte’s life and accomplishments reflect these values, he will do the best job standing up for Montana in the U.S. House of Representatives. He deserves your vote.

Penny Jarecki