Tester Ignoring Mainstream Montanans

We send elected officials to Washington to represent the people of Montana

By John Mello

A lot is made now days about draining the swamp and doing the people’s work; naturally we look to our elected representatives to do our will in Washington. Of the three public servants we have sent to Washington, only two are in line with the majority of Montanans. Sen. Jon Tester is the outlier, consistently voting with his Democratic brothers and ignoring mainstream Montana.

One topic consistently touted by Tester is our “broken” immigration system; following that lead, I have asked Tester for a clarification of just what that means, the result … silence. One would think that an ideal so near and dear to the heart of our beloved senator would be easy to explain in terms even his constituents could grasp. Being a nation of laws, our immigration system was designed to control who crosses our borders and weed out those who have nothing to contribute to our society.

Millions of dollars are spent every year on support for illegal immigrants; health care, social services, food stamps and housing. All the while our people that are truly in need take a back seat to the “humanitarian” effort to bring in future Democrats. Our neighbors to the north and south have immigration laws much stricter than our own, yet we continue to take in the world’s poor and uneducated to become burdens on American taxpayer.

The answer to the question I keep asking and Tester refuses to answer is: Our immigration system isn’t broken; the laws aren’t being enforced. I personally have spent thousands of dollars “importing” my wife and daughter from Canada; legal immigration with no burden on our government or taxpayers. I am sick of saying for those who come here illegally draining our country of resources best spent on Americans in need.

We send elected officials to Washington to represent the people of Montana. It would seem the only representation Tester provides is to the Democratic Party.

John Mello

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