Jay’s a Man of Integrity

The difference is Jay is one of us

By David R. Hanson

OK here’s the deal. Vote for Gerald “Jay” Scott for county commissioner. And here is why:

We need someone who’s going to represent the working men and women of Flathead County.

We need someone with a proven history of service to our county. Jay has done that both in and out of county government. He worked for us as the department head of the fairgrounds for 14 years. During that time, he was able to build the two biggest buildings on the fairgrounds. First the Expo and then the Trade Center. And he was able to do it without asking for money from the taxpayers. In other words he stayed within his budget

He’s also been of service to our community through his church and 4-H groups that he and his family are part of. Jay Scott is the type of guy who would get out of bed on a cold stormy night and get in his truck and come and help you get unstuck. He might call you bonehead for getting stuck. But he’d show up every time to help.

Perhaps most importantly he’s a man of integrity and respect the fact that it’s the same rules for everyone regardless of your position.

Everyone else running for this office is saying that they want to represent us. The difference is Jay is one of us. And it’s time for us to have a voice.

So like I said at the start, vote for Gerald “Jay” Scott for county commissioner.

David R. Hanson

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