Tester Fights to Protect Health Care

Republicans in Congress have spent years railing against our nation’s health care law

By Judy Rosenfeld-Cox

Montana Sen. Jon Tester isn’t someone who would throw his hands up and do nothing when he realizes a system needs improving. He actually works to fix that system, and he is willing to team up with anyone — yes, even with folks from across the aisle — to get that done. But I do know Jon will not stand for any legislation that would take health insurance away from the folks who need it the most. I’m glad we have Jon fighting for us in the Senate on this important issue, and I’ll be voting for him again in November so he can continue his work.

Republicans in Congress have spent years railing against our nation’s health care law, but when it came time for them to actually fix it, they didn’t have a replacement health care plan ready. I’m for cutting healthcare costs, but you can’t pull the rug out from under people’s feet and leave them without any options. Jon Tester knows that there are ways to make the system better — and he has introduced seven bills in this Congress alone to try and reduce health care costs. But for all Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s talk about wanting to improve our health care system, he and Republican leadership have refused to move those bills forward.

It seems to me like there are solutions that could be helping us with our health care costs right now if members of Congress were willing to sit down with Jon and get to work. Jon’s done the hard part — he has come up with some fixes to a less-than-perfect system. Now, I hope his colleagues back in Washington can put partisan politics aside and help him get the work done.

Judy Rosenfeld-Cox

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