Voting Against King Croc

Drain the swamp in 2018

By Keith Sibbert

Jon Tester, king croc of the Washington swamp, surprised no one earlier this year when he disparaged President Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of Veterans Affairs for no other reason than to win a little street cred with the far left with nothing to substantiate his accusations.

Tester has sat on his perch as ranking member of the VA Committee in the Senate for years now, yet he has done nothing to advance the cause of Montana Veterans. As the VA scandal blew up and revealed the systemic, fatal problems with the department and the rank hypocrisy of the Washington politicians who claim to fight for our nation’s bravest men and women, Jon shrugged his shoulders.

In Montana, he’s promised a new veteran’s home for years in Butte, and amazingly the funding gets approved during the year of his bid to be reelected. Was the concern about getting the home built for veterans or for having something for his campaign? Only Tester can answer that question, but the timing sure seems suspicious. Veterans or politics? Our veterans shouldn’t be political pawns used for campaign purposes.

Sen. Tester has consistently stood as an obstructionist to President Trump’s efforts to make a difference in Washington, voting against nominees to courts and administration positions as well as bills that just made good sense for Montana and the United States.

Enough is enough. Drain the swamp in 2018, defeat Jon Tester and vote Matt Rosendale.

Keith Sibbert