Muldown Parents Asked to Help with Traffic Congestion and Safety

Due to construction of the new elementary, there is no longer a drop-off area behind Whitefish High School for Muldown students

By Beacon Staff

With the start of the school year on Wednesday, Aug. 29, Whitefish school officials are asking parents who drop off or pick up children at Muldown Elementary School to help relieve traffic congestion by observing traffic regulations and contributing to safer conditions for students.

Due to construction of the new elementary school, there is no longer a drop-off area behind Whitefish High School for Muldown students. Parents are asked to use the front of the school or an alternate location on a nearby street, according to a press release from the school district.

“When dropping off students at Muldown, parents are requested to ‘Stop, Drop, and Roll,’” says Linda Whitright, principal at Muldown. “When leaving your car or talking and visiting with other parents on the playground, please park cars in a designated parking space.”

Parents who drop off or park in an alternate location on the street are also reminded to use designated sidewalks.

“School drop-offs do not need to happen at the front of the school,” Whitright says. “Parents can consider an alternate location on a nearby street where their children can safely walk to the playground or school entrance.”

When stopped, parents are asked to turn off their car because leaving cars running is hazardous to the health of children on the playground, as well as the environment. This practice can dramatically reduce air pollution and children’s exposure to toxins that can cause serious health effects, the district’s press release states.

Walking or biking to school is an additional way to assist in alleviating traffic congestion, as well as getting exercise that benefits the body and brain.

Students who live more than one mile from the school are encouraged to use the school bus system. Bus transportation is a safe and convenient method for students to get to and from school each day, and helps with consistent attendance.

For more information and questions, parents may contact the district office at (406) 862-8640.

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