Support Candidates Who Embody Spirit of Unity

Americans desire to return to civil discourse

The vast majority of Americans lament the polarization and highly divisive rhetoric that has dominated our political life in the last decade. This has resulted in the failure to enact legislation to direct the multiple problems facing the country. Thus, it is imperative that on Nov. 6, voters choose candidates who do not employ mud-slinging and name-calling to advance their election. Overwhelmingly, Americans desire to return to civil discourse where legislators work together to fashion legislation that will improve the health, education, and welfare of ordinary working men and women, not just the super-wealthy.

There are several candidates on the ballot on the local and state levels who embody the spirit of unity and who are dedicated to finding common ground and restoring civility in government. They have records of being able to work cooperatively with different groups; they listen to and take into consideration all viewpoints, analyzing them to forge out policies that can benefit the common good and not just special corporate interests. They represent “We, the People” in a functional democracy.

Jon Tester is our incumbent U.S. senator who has proven he can work with both parties, forging legislation to benefit Montana veterans. He listens, holding in-person town halls and answering constituent letters that are not form letters but actually respond to the concerns expressed in their correspondence. He is a working rancher who will work for “We, the People.”

Kathleen Williams, candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, has served “We, the People” in the Montana Legislature. Americans have seen how ineffective and detrimental to governance that sending people to Congress and high office with no legislative or government experience does. Like Jon Tester, she brings diverse interest together to get the job done for all Montanans.

On the local level House District 5 candidate Dave Fern seeking re-election looks for solutions. He realizes that programs to benefit Montanans require funding and is willing to examine all options. He has proven he can work effectively with Republican colleagues. He is also a working man who is able to represent the ordinary working people.

House District 6 candidate Mary Custer has put education and children’s issues as her top priorities. She has the support of Montana educators. A native Montanan with experience as legal assistant and as deputy clerk of court for Flathead County, she also will put the people first. She can relate well to the small, struggling small businessman as the owner/operator of a graphic design business for 15 years.

As the Montanans go to the polls, these candidates will fulfill these four purposes so succinctly stated in the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution: 1) form a more perfect union rather than deepen division, 2) establish justice rather than further economic and social inequality, 3) insure domestic tranquility rather than stir up violence and hatred, and 4) promote the general welfare rather than pander to big corporations.

Olivia Diamond