Gilman Grips Now Available for Composite Oars

Oar handles are the world’s first high-performance ergonomic oar grips

Gilman Grips oar handles are poised to disrupt the oar industry with the world’s first high-performance ergonomic oar grips for rowing drift boats and dories, rafts and crafts. Whether you row for dough or for show these grips are worth a closer look.

For three years, Jeff Gilman of Whitefish carved, sculpted, and molded countless pairs of oar handles in search of the perfect shape. The result? An oar grip that provides unprecedented performance, comfort, and control while minimizing wrist, elbow, and shoulder fatigue. By utilizing an ergonomic shape to give a rower’s hand twice the surface area where it’s needed most, Gilman’s design requires a fraction of the strength needed to control a traditional oar grip.

Gilman Grips can now be purchased directly from the company website at, or from one of their many authorized retailers: Aire Rafts, Koffler Boats, Adipose Boatworks, Stealthcraft Boats, RO Drift Boats, and Utah Whitewater Gear.

Gilman Grips can be installed onto existing composite oars after removing the factory grips. Detailed instructions can be found under the FAQ page at