Kalispell Adds 240 Acres to Growth Policy Map

City council also rezones land near UPS facility for future expansion

By Justin Franz

The Kalispell City Council voted on May 20 to add 240 acres to the community’s growth policy map.

The land just north of the city — near the intersection of Church Drive and U.S. Highway 93 — was not formally annexed into the city and for now will remain in the county. City Planner Jarod Nygren said city officials are simply preparing for the future.

“This is a request by the Planning Department to amend the growth policy map to incorporate an area where we think future growth will happen,” he said.

The motion to amend the growth policy map was approved unanimously.

During the same meeting last week, the city council also approved a zoning change and growth policy map amendment on 5.79 acres of land near the intersection of North Meridian Road and Three Mile Drive to accommodate a future expansion of the UPS facility at 1151 North Meridian Road. The motion passed unanimously.