Montana Forest Plans Fee Increases for Campgrounds, Cabins

Campgrounds in Lolo would increase to $10 to $20 depending on the site

By Justin Franz

MISSOULA — Forest Service officials have proposed increasing prices and charging new fees for rental cabins and campgrounds in the Lolo National Forest.

The Missoulian reported Thursday that the federal agency aims to bring the income at sites in the Montana forest in line with the cost of services.

The changes include increasing lookouts and cabins that cost $30 to $80 per night up to $45 to $115 per night.

Campgrounds would increase to $10 to $20 depending on the site.

Forest implementation staff officer Chris James says the new and higher fees are expected to bring in about $250,000 each year.

He says about 95% of the fees are directed back into maintaining the forest.

The agency is taking public comment on the proposal through Sept. 30.