Montanans Have Common Values

The Energy Innovation Act does not use any tax dollars for new government programs

By Robin Paone and Laura Reynolds

Are you proud to live in beautiful Montana? Do you want government to find common sense ways to effect change without increasing taxes? Do you want the best for your family, community and fellow Montanans? Do you care about making Montana economically strong? How about protecting our natural areas? We think these are shared Montanan values. We can use these values to work together with our Members of Congress on solving climate change.

The Energy Innovation Act, energyinnovationact.org, fits our Montana values. Without spending tax dollars it will reduce emissions by 40% in the first 12 years. Instead of regulations, it puts a low but rising price on fossil fuel pollution. Market forces will spark innovation and investment in clean energy.

Montana has three universities with engineering programs. Our state energy treasures of wind, sunshine, mountains plus water for pumped storage, and land for growing biofuel crops, are waiting for Montana ingenuity. Montana can be a world leader in clean energy technology.

The Energy Innovation Act does not use any tax dollars for new government programs. It gives pollution fees collected back to all households as a monthly check. This is great for our families and helps our local communities thrive. And, it saves tax dollars since environmental cleanup is not needed with clean energy. Best of all, getting a handle on climate change will protect our beautiful natural areas for generations to come.

Political will is needed. Contact Sens. Steve Daines and Jon Tester, and Rep. Greg Gianforte to let them know they need “a seat at the table” when climate bills are discussed to voice our values and craft policy that will benefit Montana.

Robin Paone, Whitefish
Laura Reynolds, Kalispell