The Choice is Obvious

Indeed, Trump took over the Republican Party and is accomplishing all the things he promised he would during the election

By Mark Agather

President Donald Trump has taken over the Republican Party? Thank the Lord. Finally, some things are getting done in spite of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (and her allies, the deep state and the mainstream media) virulent, emotional attacks on him, which, if you listened carefully, were completely debunked during the setup hearings in the House.

Ah, the impeachment show! It had to happen since the Democrats and mainstream media announced they were going to find a way to impeach Trump even before he took office. You think they weren’t biased? They tried with Robert Mueller but nothing was there so they moved to the “Ukraine.” Ambassador Sondland, finally, under hard questioning confirmed that his opinion about “quid pro quo” was just that – a belief not based on facts but only on his “perceptions.” It was the same with every other witness Adam Schiff called. Sondland finally admitted, reluctantly, that he had indeed talked directly with Trump who told him he wasn’t demanding anything in return for military aid to the Ukraine. CASE CLOSED!   

But it’s impossible for fair-minded people to ignore the obvious prejudice and bias of our Justice Department has shown during the FISA process. Of all the things exposed during this sordid affair, it is the most dangerous as it shows how the left is using our own government entities to unfairly spy on innocent people.

Then climate change? Good God, yes, it is absolutely imperative to research facts but not from the MSM, which won’t inform anyone about climate history which includes things like the “mini ice age” or the “Medieval Warming Period” or the fact that the Antarctic and Arctic ice sheets have actually grown during the last few years. They also categorically ignore books written about the corruption inside of the “green movement,” including the reports on Climate Gate where “scientists” were caught manipulating data to show there was global warming. Remember, the “green” movement isn’t about the environment, it’s about the “green” of money and control.

Indeed, Trump took over the Republican Party and is accomplishing all the things he promised he would during the election: most importantly, he has made a home for the blue collar worker; he is against globalization; he got us out of the Iran Treaty; rejected the Kyoto Climate treaty; appointed truly conservative judges to the bench; took on China relative to trade; recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s legitimate capital; opposes abortion; actively defends our Second Amendment; is building us a wall to protect our citizens; and he openly supports Christianity. In addition, his economic policies have fueled our economy leading us to all-time lows in unemployment and rising incomes for all income groups in this country! What’s not to like? Yes, he is brash and he can be abrasive. But we are in a fight with the far left and it just isn’t pretty. But he gets things done in the right direction.

Contrast that with Democratic Party, which has been taken over by the progressives, who support the concept of a “powerful government over all,” a political movement mired in the failed concepts of Socialism, Communism and eventually Fascism and supported by cadres of rich, liberal, privileged elites particularly from our Ivy League schools and high tech companies. These people, who view government as a god, want the Feds to control every aspect of our life according to their dictates. They aren’t burning books – yet.  But they accomplish the same thing by banning conservative talk in our schools. Remind you of anything?

So, what is our choice? A president who may hurt your feelings but is leading us in the right direction; or, far leftists who are bound and determined to enslave us under full government control? The choice is obvious.    

Mark Agather lives in Kalispell.

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