Gianforte Can Lead Montana’s Comeback

Montana needs a comeback plan

 Montanans need more than an out-of-touch career politician in their next governor, and that’s why Mike Cooney is clearly not the right man for the job. He’s been a political insider and bureaucrat for 44 years and hasn’t had a private-sector job in as many years.

That may be why he recently scoffed at Greg Gianforte’s comeback plan for Montana, saying, “Montana doesn’t need a comeback plan.” This is an example of how out of touch Cooney is. He cannot be expected to fix the problems we are facing if he doesn’t have a clear picture of what they are.

Well, Mr. Cooney, for the 150,000 Montanans who have had to file for unemployment, Montana needs a comeback plan. The countless businesses that have been forced to close, never to reopen, need a comeback plan. And the many citizens whose wages rank as the 44th lowest out of the 50 states need a comeback plan.

This November we need to vote for someone who is putting a plan in place for Montana’s comeback, not someone who fails to realize that a comeback is needed. Vote Gianforte/Juras this November for Montana’s comeback.

Rep. David Dunn