Vote Daines to Protect Your Second Amendment Rights

Imagine an America with gun confiscation

By Fred Smith

Imagine an America with gun confiscation, rampant violence on the streets, and your right to self-defense deemed illegal. That is a real possibility in just a few short months. The Democratic Party platform includes raising your taxes, destroying our energy industry with their insane Orwellian green new deal, providing free medical care for 25 million illegal aliens, and an end to our nation’s sovereignty with open borders allowing anyone in the world to come in and immediately demand welfare benefits thus destroying our social fabric. One of the most baffling items in the platform is to defund police departments across the country. What we witnessed all summer were gangs of thugs from Antifa and Black Lives Matter rampaging in blue states in cities run by left-wing Democrat mayors. Destroying and looting hundreds of businesses, assaulting people trying to protect their properties, committing arson and even murder in Portland. The police in Portland have been under siege for months, while the governor and mayor stood back and did nothing.

As we watched this unfold, several weeks ago, Democrat Joe Biden claimed that a ban on “assault weapons” and high capacity magazines would save lives. He championed the 1994 assault weapons ban that he was part of and said he would do it again. He ignores the Department of Justice’s report that showed the ban had a negligible effect on crime. An “assault weapon” ban would be just the start of total gun confiscation. Steve Bullock supports the ban, and said so on the debate stage during his failed presidential bid. Bullock also told CNN he would support a ban on all semiautomatic weapons, totally ignoring the Second Amendment and the people’s right to self-defense. Steve Daines has spoken out against mob violence in our streets and the destruction of our historical monuments, but not one Democrat, including Steve Bullock at the four-day Democratic Convention condemned mob violence and the resulting $1.5 billion in damages. Vote for Steve Daines to protect your Second Amendment rights on Nov. 3.

Fred Smith

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