Flathead County Acting Irresponsibly

Conspiracy theories have driven much of Flathead County into an irresponsible, inconsiderate, selfish mode

By Mary DuCharme

The Flathead City-County Board of Health held its October virtual meeting Oct. 15. The health officer stated if we keep going as is, the entire county will be infected by February. Notwithstanding this assessment as well as the tremendous rise in the county’s cases, the board decided to do nothing. I say prepare Cemetery Road for a mass grave burial! We have seen it on Staten Island, in Italy, and soon we will see it here.

Conspiracy theories have driven much of Flathead County into an irresponsible, inconsiderate, selfish mode. I have heard it all. “Well, I don’t need a mask, you are protected because you are wearing a mask.” No, let us get it right. I am protecting you because I am wearing a mask. You need to wear a mask to protect me. That does not mean a face shield without a mask, or a mask on your chin.

I have encountered people who don’t wear masks and get remarks such as “My husband is a veteran; I can do anything I want.” And “How dare you shame me in public?” How dare you risk everyone’s life by being so selfish.

My son, and his family, live in New Mexico. What a difference where the governor gives mandates in support of public health, and nearly everyone steps up to help save lives by complying! Amazing! Why can’t we accomplish this in Montana?

The COVID crisis may well have been under control by now if we had all complied with the scientific recommendations and the governor’s mandates from the beginning. Instead, we continue with our refusal to help others, until we now face the, all too real, possibility of a mass burial plot come February.

I am seriously considering packing up my bags and moving out of town because way too many residents do not care enough about others to take such simple steps as wearing a mask and safe distancing to protect themselves and everyone else.

Chris Christie, former New Jersey governor, had said we just need to get used to people dying from COVID. After he spent a week in the ICU unit with COVID, he has changed his tune. “No, this is real!” Do not forget about the “long haulers” who “recover” but have lasting chronic major illnesses from the disease. Let us not be hoodwinked into believing this isn’t any more serious than the flu, which in itself can be very deadly. And the fact that some have died after their second infection must keep us on our guard until an effective vaccine becomes available to help us in the battle.

Mary DuCharme

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