Failure to Impeach Would Weaken Our Democracy

Do not let these legislators rewrite their active role in the overthrow of a fair presidential election

By John Gangemi

I encourage members of the House and Senate to vote for impeachment of President Donald Trump regardless of the timeline it takes. We need to re-establish the rules of law and order. Trump’s attempt to overthrow a valid election undermines our democracy. Failure to punish him will embolden others in the future that may have better skill sets. Impeachment will help re-establish our trust in democracy. Yes, an impeachment trial will be painful and cause further division but failure to do so weakens our democracy.

I also encourage the House and Senate to investigate each legislator on record supporting Trump’s false narrative of election fraud. Those legislators are at a minimum complicit in the failed overthrow attempt. Many of these legislators are now attempting to rewrite the purpose of their objections leading up to the January 6, 2021 terrorist attack on the Capitol. The emails and letters sent by these legislators in November and December prove otherwise. These individuals plainly perpetuated the false narrative of voter fraud. These legislators gave false hope to individuals and organizations angry with the Presidential election results. This false hope led to the storming of the Capitol. Do not let these legislators rewrite their active role in the overthrow of a fair presidential election.

Some legislators object to impeachment proceedings or investigations in the attempted overthrow of our democracy. These legislators claim we need to “dial back the temperature” to help unify the country. Re-establishing law and order is the best way to unify the country. This requires an honest look at those individuals that perpetuated the lies of voter fraud to the American people. This includes a difficult discussion about truth and fiction. Only then can we dial the temperature back and unify this country.

The actions by Sen. Steve Daines and Rep. Matt Rosendale have now marginalized the voice for all Montanans in Washington DC. Daines and Rosendale have no credibility in DC moving forward. We Montanans suffer because of their self serving political ambitions and fundraising in this stunt.

John Gangemi
Columbia Falls

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