Podcast: The New Frontier of Legal Marijuana

Hosts Micah Drew and Andy Viano talk about the recently signed Montana law which legalizes adult-use marijuana and lays out the plan for implementing sales within the state

By Micah Drew

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This week:

In November, 2020, Montana voters approved a ballot initiative to legalize recreational marijuana for adults over the age of 21. After a month of deliberation, the Montana legislature finally passed a bill carrying out the voters’ will, but it was not without contention. This week, the Flathead Beacon cover story takes a look at how the legislature shaped the law that will implement recreational adult-use cannabis. Podcast hosts Micah Drew and Andy Viano sit down to discuss the nuances of the law, how it differs from what voters approved last year, and what can be expected for future cannabis users. You can delve into the details with Micah’s Flathead Beacon cover story.

Later in the show, host Micah Drew runs through the biggest stories from the last seven days, runs through the biggest stories from the last seven days, including a group of cyclists trapped by avalanches on Going-to-the-Sun Road, the new judge set to join Montana’s 11th district court in 2023, a new museum exhibit showcasing the history of music in the Flathead and Kalispell’s new city budget.

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