Selfishness has Replaced Servanthood

This true believing radio host, like too many other people, has seemingly focused on rights over responsibilities

By Pat Malone

Last week I was traveling in Eastern Washington and saw numerous yard signs that read “faith over fear.” Aware of the immense culture wars over COVID public health recommendations, I suspected that these signs and their owners were exercising their constitutional right to free speech by opposing masking and vaccines based upon strong religious beliefs. That assumption was proven correct when I began listening to a Christian talk radio show.

The host, a seemingly middle-aged male, invested a huge amount of his limited time expressing personal views and beliefs about all COVID related public health recommendations (but especially masking and vaccines). Some callers questioned his opinions on these precautions in the context of schools and various indoor public spaces. He didn’t budge. 

His argument was that “our Constitution grants us freedom and liberty.” He went on to state that “adults should be able to make their own decisions about health care” and my favorite “no one should have control over our bodies.” At this point I called in and inquired, based upon his last statement that “no one should have control over our bodies,” if his views extended to being pro-choice. “Of course not that’s killing” was his expected response. Choosing not to debate I simply stated I was “pro-family and pro-choice” and thanked him. He indicated he’d pray for me.

Now a few days later I’m praying for him and all other fellow Christians who have draped the flag over the cross and indulged in sometimes nasty arguments over COVID public health protocols. This true believing radio host, like too many other people, has seemingly focused on rights over responsibilities. His decisions. His body. His control. With no expressed concern for me or you. My remaining question is how has selfishness replaced servanthood in American ideology and Christian theology?

Pat Malone
Columbia Falls

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