Vote Holmquist in General Election 

She is clearly better than the (liberal-cloaking-as-a-conservative) alternative in these regards

By Brian M. Friess

Please join me in voting for Pam Holmquist for county commissioner in the general election by <<FILLING IN THE OVAL>> next to her name. Even though she is the only one on the ballot, we don’t want to fall prey to a desperate and misleading write-in campaign that merely belabors the results of our Primary election. After speaking with Pam personally, I applauded her recent library board appointment. I also expressed the concerns of my constituency and myself regarding mitigating ballot harvesting and trafficking (while ensuring the option of in-person elections even in “emergency situations”) and preventing the future gross overreach of federal government power, such as during the COVID response. I would add accountability in school board elections; public safety; and forward-thinking growth and healthy infrastructure as important priorities as well. I believe she has a listening ear and willing hands to implement these with the other commissioners. She is clearly better than the (liberal-cloaking-as-a-conservative) alternative in these regards.

I also want to encourage my constituents to vote for Ryan Zinke for U.S. House of Representatives. I have personally spoken with Ryan a number of times and heard his vision. I believe he carries the core moral values and fortitude necessary to take on a failing, anti-God agenda that has divided our nation, usurped governing authority, and stolen our God-given rights and liberties.

Also, vote for James Brown for Montana Supreme Court judge. His opponent (Gustafson) egregiously ruled against religious freedom and school-choice in ESPINOZA v. MONTANA DEPT. OF REVENUE. Her conclusions were rebuked, reversed, and remanded by the U.S. Supreme Court. We need a judge who isn’t wasting taxpayers’ money with an activist liberal agenda.

Brian M. Friess

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