Pam a Voice of Common Sense 

I have always appreciated Pam’s kindness, candor, and honesty in discussions

By Steve Daines

Far away from the “Beltway Bubble” of Washington D.C., county government is on the frontline of every issue facing policy makers and our communities. That’s why we need local elected officials with the knowledge and know-how to serve their constituents. 

For nearly a decade, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Flathead County Commissioner Pam Holmquist on important Montana issues ranging from forestry and land management to job creation. I’ve sat with her in meetings on Capitol Hill advocating for the Kalispell Bypass project. We’ve had important discussions at mills and manufacturing facilities in the Flathead Valley about increasing high paying job opportunities for Montanans. 

Working on behalf of a county that is more than 70% federal land, Pam has been a constant voice for commonsense forestry and land management policies. She understands that commonsense management enhances our public lands, lowers the risk of catastrophic wildfires, and helps sustain Montana timber jobs. 

Pam also has unmatched knowledge of the ins and outs and intricacies of county government, which has proved vital as she advocates for Flathead County on the state and national levels. She’ll continue working to protect private property rights, deliver critical public services and keep the county on a strong fiscal track. 

I have always appreciated Pam’s kindness, candor, and honesty in discussions. Pam Holmquist is a strong advocate for the Flathead and a top-notch public servant. She has my full support. 

U.S. Sen. Steve Daines