Police Blotter

Flathead County Sheriff’s and Kalispell Police Reports

Sunday, October 16, 2022



12:23 p.m. A man lying face down next to his wheelchair was just sleeping.   

12:32 p.m. A man reported his firearm had been stolen from his vehicle, but he didn’t know when because he doesn’t routinely check to see if it’s still in his car.  

12:50 p.m. A man holding a knife walked up to a security camera, stared at it for a while, then left.  

2:12 p.m. A “fatter” chihuahua had gone missing. 

2:42 p.m. Someone pretending to be a private investigator from California showed up at someone’s house to gather some memories of an old employee. 

3:53 p.m. A man was concerned after he met a man from a dating app only to realize the other date was straight. Both people were understanding at the time even though the date was “not what either of them thought they were getting into,” but the first man started to feel he had been lured into a nefarious setup. 

4:08 p.m. A septuagenarian at the hospital was hitting on orderlies.  

5:18 p.m. Six people kicked in a window at the mall. 

5:21 p.m. Some kids playing football were hanging off the goal posts in celebration.  

5:55 p.m. A property owner threatened a “cross dresser” with her gun after the person pounded on her door. 

6:20 p.m. Someone was concerned that their neighbor was cutting up furniture and burning it in their backyard firepit.