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What About the Crimes?

4:22 a.m. A woman wanted to know why dispatch wasn’t doing anything about the people committing crimes against humanity.  2:21 p.m. A skinny stray cat was being very friendly.  3:17 p.m. A wide trailer carrying a house was losing insulation at an alarming rate.  3:28 p.m. A dog took itself for a four-hour walk around […]


Spare Ammo?

12:39 p.m. Two dogs were relaxing on a bench.  1:30 a.m. A group of girls punched another woman in a bar.  2:07 p.m. A small dog was playing frogger with traffic.  3:07 p.m. Two males on snowmobiles were “indulging in beverages.”  4:07 p.m. Someone was sent to the ER after being hit with a shopping […]


Podcast: An Omicron Wave

Reporter Mike Kordenbrock joins host Micah Drew to give an overview of how the omicron-variant is affecting the Flathead Valley's health system


Not An Eggcident

12:04 a.m. A small child accidentally dialed 911.  9:38 a.m. A dog locked in a car was getting tangled up in some purse strings.  11:11 a.m. A puppy had been roaming the neighborhood every day for a month.  12:05 p.m. An evicted tenant continued to pick up his mail, which the property owner was concerned […]


Gobble Gobble

11:17 a.m. A Whitefish resident forgot his garage code and kept triggering the alarm.  11:54 a.m. Some locals trying to harvest roadkill stained the snow with blood, which concerned the owner of the yard the deer had been in.   12:53 p.m. A deer in the turn lane was patiently waiting for the light to […]


Go Dog Go

12:02 a.m. A rogue dog was trying to come through a random doggie door.  1:46 a.m. Someone with a green laser was targeting law enforcement.  4:01 a.m. Someone thought it was suspiciously early to see someone putting down ice melt in a nearby parking lot.  6:19 a.m. A Bigfork resident was concerned about how icy […]


Cracked Lips

12:11 a.m. A woman in a “drug induced psychosis” said she was fine and didn’t need any help.  4:01 a.m. A man was upset his neighbor kept trying to “jump scare” him.   9:42 a.m. A teenage boy shoplifted a single tube of cherry ChapStick. 9:45 a.m. A caller was concerned that a low flying […]


Back on Main

Eight months after closing its Kalispell location, Montana Coffee Traders reopens on Main Street with pared down menu, scaled up vibes


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