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A Rose by Any Other Name

12:10 a.m. Someone had a flat tire.  7:05 a.m. A dog was scared of lightning.  9:10 a.m. A catalytic converter was stolen from a Ford F-150 overnight.  9:13 a.m. Drywall sheets flew off the back of a semi.  10:09 a.m. A dog on a “very short chain,” reportedly unable to reach the shade, was found […]


Here Kitty Kitty

7:37 a.m. Ten tires were dumped on a property. 11:57 a.m. Slashed tires turned out to be worn-down tread.  5:01 p.m. A trashcan was in the highway.  7:24 p.m. Five baby skunks were found in a backyard.   10:07 p.m. A man acting strangely was just looking for his cat. 10:50 p.m. A man lying […]


Duck Duck Drain

7:46 a.m. A man with a sheathed sword on his hip told officers he would never harm anyone unless he was challenged to defend himself in a fair duel.  9:07 a.m. A catalytic converter was stolen off a vehicle.  10:46 a.m. A caller complained about noises related to protesting nurses.  5:43 p.m. Ducklings were trapped […]


Podcast: Meet the Joneses

Flathead Beacon Assistant Managing Editor Tristan Scott joins host Micah Drew to talk about the billionaire couple that recently purchased 126,000 acres of land in Flathead County


Not Peeing in Public is its Own Reward

9:35 p.m. A kitten remained stuck in a tree for a third day.  6:16 p.m. An abandoned baby carrier contained a dinner plate.   11:02 p.m. A man who did not want to get a ticket for indecent exposure peed his pants and requested a “courtesy” ride home for not urinating in public. 


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