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Reduce, Reuse, Re-bear

10:13 a.m. An out-of-control bear was preventing someone from putting out their recycling.  1:30 p.m. A dog was out chasing traffic.   3:01 p.m. A boat was creating a wake in a wake-free zone.  3:07 p.m. A man wearing a camo coat and camo hat was just going about his day.  4:03 p.m. The new […]


Kitty Independence

12:14 a.m. A shirtless man was walking down the street with a golf club because “it’s a free country.” 1:43 a.m. Two sisters were out for a walk.  2:10 p.m. During a 911 call “literal shrieking” was heard, as were references to zombies. It turned out to be a butt dial by some children playing […]


Last Horse Standing

6:04 a.m. Someone thought his neighbor hated his dog and was weaponizing the police against him.  8:43 a.m. A driver sitting slumped over in his car was just waiting for someone to return with a can of gas.  9:14 a.m. Someone was running their chainsaw. 11:29 a.m. The word “Scum” appeared on a fence overnight.  […]


How Now Flooded Cows

9:28 a.m. A caller wanted to know if law enforcement had live satellite footage of an island where he let his cows roam so he would know if they were safe from the flood or not.   11:58 a.m. A man was biking and drinking at the same time.   3:01 p.m. A woman was […]


It’s a Bat in a Box

12:02 a.m. A man tried robbing his ex-girlfriend’s car.  2:56 a.m. A caller wanted advice on how to get the “pretty active” bat her cat had brought in out of the house. Dispatch advised trying to use a box.  10:39 a.m. A man fell for a scam on Snapchat that involved a flirtatious female who […]


Smells Grizzly

12:59 a.m. A man with a concussion was unsure if he was hit by a car or fell.   3:17 a.m. A man reported there was a bear in the parking lot. He couldn’t tell what type of bear it was, but he could smell it, which is how he knew it was a bear.  […]


Just Want Someone to Talk To

12:02 a.m. Someone was cleaning out their car.  7:52 a.m. An officer dispatched a badly injured deer.   7:53 a.m. A high school student was caught with a vape pen.  8:07 a.m. There was a teal bag left near an ATM that seemed suspicious.  9:01 a.m. A missing child, last seen wearing unicorn boots, was […]


Best of Preps: Spring 2022

Recognizing the spring's top high school athletes from throughout Flathead County

By Micah Drew and Denali Sagner; photos by Hunter D'Antuono and Sarah Mosquera

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