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‘Til the Final Minute

Hellgate secured a third straight Class AA soccer title over Glacier in double overtime thriller


Podcast: 99 Minutes From First Place

Glacier Wolfpack soccer coach Ryan Billiet joins host Micah Drew to talk about the Class AA state soccer final and the years of work the Glacier senior class put in leading up to the most exciting soccer match Billiet's seen in his years as a coach


Doggo in a Jacket

1:30 a.m. A dog sitter was missing a shiatsu mix last seen wearing a brown doggie jacket.  11:08 a.m. A woman in a Raggedy Ann wig was knocking on doors.  11:39 a.m. Someone wanted to talk about an incident with an “undercover officer” to get it off their chest.  2:13 p.m. A set of Iron […]


Beats a Hang Up

1:12 a.m. A neighbor was loudly slamming doors.  7:04 a.m. A deer was seen twitching in a back yard.   9:00 a.m. A kitten was stuck in a room.  9:57 a.m. A woman who reported her ex had scratched her car several weeks ago was informed that she had called about the issue several weeks […]


It Was Warming Up

3:38 a.m. A man in a ditch was waving his arms.  6:13 a.m. Someone stole a car that was left running outside.   10:49 a.m. A woman wanted to report that her husband had two other wives in Georgia.   10:51 a.m. A black-and-white cat was released by its owners.   2:58 p.m. A greyhound […]


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