Podcast: Held v. Montana

Flathead Beacon editor in chief Kellyn Brown is a cohost for today's episode, and asks host Micah Drew about the upcoming climate change lawsuit Held v. Montana

By Micah Drew

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On June 12, the lawsuit Held v. State of Montana will go to trial in Helena’s district court. In the lawsuit, brought by 16 youth plaintiffs from across Montana, allege that Montana, through its executive agencies, has knowingly approved projects and implemented policies that support a fossil-fuel based energy system that adds dangerous levels of greenhouse gas pollution to the atmosphere, contributing to climate change, damaging Montana’s environment and harming the state’s youth. The lawsuit is predicated on the Montana Constitution, written in 1972, which enshrines the right to a clean and healthful environment for present and future generations.

The Flathead Beacon has produced a comprehensive reporting package on the lawsuit’s background, constitutional underpinnings and some of the young plaintiffs. All the reporting, including updates from the two-week trial that begins June 12, can be read at mtclimatecase.flatheadbeacon.com.

Later, Micah runs through the news of the week including a temporary emergency water conservation ordinance in Kalispell, a bear attack attack along the Flathead Fiver and the reopening of the backcountry site in Glacier National Park, Goat Haunt.

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