Thankful for Congressman Ryan Zinke

I believe the Congressman genuinely cares about Montana’s veterans

By Tom Nugent

I pen this heartfelt message to express my profound gratitude to Congressman Ryan Zinke for his unwavering support for my family in a time of crisis. The Veterans Affairs healthcare system that my family has used for decades faltered in our moment of need. The VA left us in a state of limbo, denying us the proper medical care my family urgently required due to negligence.

In our hour of distress, I reached out to Congressman Zinke’s office, and to my relief, his Director of Veterans Affairs sprang into action to address our pressing concerns. Thanks to the relentless determination of both the Congressman and Mr. Scott, my family received the life-saving medical treatment we so desperately needed. There are no words adequate enough to express our gratitude to the Congressman and his office for their unwavering help.

I would also like to acknowledge Congressman Zinke for his diligent attempts to reform the VA through his initiatives such as the Protecting Veterans Community Care Act. My family stands to directly benefit from such a phenomenal piece of legislation. Congressman Zinke, himself a veteran who actively employs veterans, and has dedicated his office to serving veterans, continues to remain a beacon of hope to our local veteran community.

I believe Congressman Zinke genuinely cares about Montana’s veterans. He continuously proves himself whether it is by visiting our local VFW for a drink; introducing veteran centric legislation or by hiring a fellow veteran who answered my calls for help in the dead of night.

My family and I remain profoundly thankful to Congressman Ryan Zinke and his Director of Veterans Affairs for their invaluable assistance during my time of distress. Their commitment to the well-being of my family and of our Montana veterans serves as a source of inspiration to us all.

Tom Nugent

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