Ryan Hunter for City Council

He is steadfast in his convictions and has not wavered from his point of view

By Jessica Dahlman

I met Ryan Hunter during his first election campaign. I remember chatting over my fence with him for nearly an hour. After the election, he had me on his local podcast talking about the hospital unionization effort, as I was active in that effort. On the day of our strike at the hospital, I asked him to come carry a sign so we could talk. It was a test because I wanted to know how supportive he was of organized labor. It takes incredible courage to stand in support holding a sign and it took a great deal of fortitude to stand in solidarity with the nurses. To me, it meant the world. I knew I had a friend in something that meant a great deal to me, as it should to any other union brother and sister in this valley when it comes time to cast your ballot. I subsequently won election to join Ryan on the City Council. After two years sitting behind the dais with Ryan, I can say that he is kind, caring and compassionate, but what is also important for you all to know is how hard working he has been as a representative to this city. I have listened and watched him recommend solutions and ideas that are researched and fully thought out. He is steadfast in his convictions and has not wavered from his point of view. His consistency to propose solutions to affordable housing and his vision for how the city of Kalispell grows is what we need from our city’s representatives. I’ve learned that government processes are slow and the ability to stand behind what you believe takes courage and persistence and that is what you will get with Ryan behind the dais for four more years. 

Jessica Dahlman

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