Police Blotter

Flathead County Sheriff’s and Kalispell Police Reports

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Oh Deer’nt


8:01 a.m. A woman refused to leave a local business and said the owner should just call the cops because “they all know me.”

9:42 a.m. Three successive vehicles slid off the highway into a ditch.

10:35 a.m. A woman was upset that people were parking their cars in a parking lot they weren’t allowed to park in.

12:06 p.m. Someone was upset that wild foxes kept attempting to eat his chickens, and asked law enforcement if he was allowed to dispatch them.

12:58 p.m. A man reported seeing a dead wolf on the side of the road. The responding officer later clarified that it was a deer.

4:51 p.m. A shoplifter made off with a single pair of jeans.

7:09 p.m. Four vehicles were drag racing down Reserve Street.