Tax Law Exposes Priorities

Wouldn't you rather support the services that benefit those who most need it?

By Steve Gniadek

A recent tax bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives exposes some significant differences between the political parties. It was a compromise between Republicans who wanted reduced taxes for big corporations and Democrats who wanted to extend the child tax credit. It may not pass the Senate, because Democrats don’t believe the largest, most profitable corporations need more tax breaks.  

The child tax credit was expanded in 2021 to fix a flaw in the tax code that bars families with low incomes from receiving the full amount of the credit. That fix has since expired, leaving 55,000 Montana kids excluded because their families make too little money. Over half of Montana parents spent the 2021 child tax credit expansion funds on food for their families, resulting in fewer families with food insecurity. Families also used the money to pay down debt, manage bills, afford childcare, and buy clothing and school supplies. Extending the child tax credit supports working families, contributes more to the local economy, and helps reduce homelessness.  

Think about this when you go to the polls. Do you want more tax breaks for big corporations, already making record profits thanks to previous Republication tax cuts for the wealthy? Wouldn’t you rather support the services that benefit those who most need it, rather than enriching those who don’t need it? Vote Democrat if you prioritize working families over corporate profits.

Steve Gniadek
Columbia Falls