Get to Know Your Montana Supreme Court Candidates

For me, Cory Swanson is the best choice for Chief Justice

By Courtenay Sprunger

In Montana, we have the opportunity to vote for Justices in hopes of electing a fair and impartial State Supreme Court; At least, that’s the intention. The challenge is that many Montanans don’t have enough information about who is running because so much attention is being placed on the Senate and Congressional races. My hope is that you will go to events and learn the beliefs of each justice.

For me, Cory Swanson is the best choice for Chief Justice. He has a great track record that shows his commitment to law and order in Broadwater County. For a decade, Cory has shown that facts and truth prevail in his mind, not politics or personal opinions. Believe me, I bet there are things that we may politically disagree on at times. However, I trust Cory when he says that politics (conservative or liberal)  “undermine the functioning of the court.” Every justice is going to have political opinions, but a good justice will “set politics aside and rule strictly on the facts and the law of each case” to do what is best for all Montanans.

I encourage everyone to take the time to speak to our Supreme Court candidates. If we don’t elect the right people to protect the judicial branch, we set a precedent of allowing politics to determine what is fact versus fiction – and that is just plain wrong.

Rep. Courtenay Sprunger