Gianforte Shows Montana Where His Priorities are!

He’s playing politics by sending Guardsmen to the Texas border

By Steve Martinez

Our do-nothing governor finally cares about something enough to act decisively on, using your taxpayer dollars to send Montana Guardsmen to the Texas border. He’s hoping that Montanans will forget that he has done nothing to address sky rocketing housing costs (he actually likes higher home values. He feels more comfortable with people who can pay a million dollars for a home or a second home). He’s hoping Montanans will forget that he has done nothing about the huge property tax increase (that his rich corporate buddies benefited from, they pay less taxes);  He is hoping that Montanans will forget our unsustainable defunded public education system (the people who matter send their kids to private schools); He’s hoping Montanans don’t care about the large number of children and families who lost their health coverage through the purge of Medicaid roles (he does not care about these people anyway they cannot buy expensive homes).

I could go on, but you get the drift. The governor is hoping that you are stupid enough to vote him back in for four more years because he’s playing politics by sending Guardsmen to the Texas border.  Besides, he is just getting started trying to take away your constitutional rights and making Montana a place where only the rich can afford to live and play and shoot anything they want.

Steve Martinez