Support Republicans Who Cut Red Tape

Sprunger, Regier and Glimm were especially instrumental in this effort

By Jeff Larsen

Please support and vote for Republicans Courtney Sprunger (Montana House), Matt Regier (Montana Senate) and Carl Glimm (Montana Senate) in the upcoming primary election. I want to thank these outstanding Republican legislators for their good work on Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and planning legislation. Their hard work cuts red tape in the DEQ and planning process. Senator Carl Glimm, Representative Courtenay Sprunger and Speaker of the House Matt Regier were especially instrumental in this effort. Senator Glimm carried SB 285 and SB3 27 and worked tirelessly on HB 364. These great bills improved the DEQ review process, cutting red tape and at the same time protect the environment. Representative Sprunger on the House Local Government Committee put a tremendous amount effort into working with us in the House to get excellent bills over the finish line such as SB275 and SB382. Representative Sprunger is still working on DEQ legislation during the interim, which is very impressive. Speaker of the House Matt Regier was instrumental in navigating these bills to completion. Please join me in supporting Sprunger, Regier and Glimm in the primary election. 

Jeff Larsen