Are These Actions Pro-family or Pro-growth?

Gianforte has no idea how much harm is caused to the state of Montana

By Amy Weeks

Recently, Governor Greg Gianforte announced endorsements of candidates for office in Montana. In his statement, Gianforte said “we need strong conservative partners to continue building on our successful pro-jobs, pro-growth, pro-family agenda.” That statement tells me that Gianforte is truly clueless and has no idea how much harm is caused to the state of Montana and its people by the things his administration has done. 

Between April 2023 and January 2024 more than 132,000 people were kicked off Medicaid in Montana. The state subsequently hampered the process of reapplying for coverage. The website was difficult to use, phone lines were clogged and people who turned in enrollment packets were still removed from rolls. Is this Gianforte’s pro-family agenda, by making it impossible for people to get medical care? Forcing them to take from their families to spend hours online or on hold trying to get their coverage reinstated? 

During the 2023 legislative session, our Legislature was aware of the upcoming increase to property taxes for homeowners. They knew taxes were going to spike and they chose to waste time passing unconstitutional bills for non-issues. This has cost taxpayers more money, paying the state’s court and legal fees. Is this pro-family or pro-growth? Is bleeding us dry supposed to help us take care of our families or grow our businesses?

The Gianforte administration is so pro-jobs and pro-growth that they’ve moved hundreds of jobs out of state. Recent decisions to move job and training programs; and mental health and addiction treatment services out of state mean that Montana jobs are going to other states.  

Nothing about the Gianforte administration is pro-family, pro-growth or pro-jobs. It’s time for Montana to be anti-Gianforte.

Amy Weeks
Columbia Falls