Brockman Delivered Big for His Constituents

Vote for an authentic Montanan and son of Evergreen who gets results

By Charles Lapp

Representative Tony Brockman, running for re-election in House District 8, has committed a crime. He’s committed the crime of independent thought, and now the cabal that is the Flathead County Republican Central Committee is trying to replace him with an 18-year-old who hails from California.

Tony Brockman was one of the most effective Flathead legislators in Helena last session. Sixteen of the 25 bills he carried were signed into law by the governor. An extraordinary accomplishment for any legislator, let alone a freshman legislator. As a member of the Evergreen Community Partners, Evergreen Chamber, Evergreen Rotary and ABS Park, I can testify that were it not for Tony’s commitment to Evergreen, our kids would not be getting safe sidewalks to school right now. Tony delivered big for his constituents and has a more conservative voting record than the so-called Flathead “conservatives” who are actively campaigning against him. They want Tony out because he refused to genuflect to their edicts and fall into line with THEIR agenda. Tony works for the people who sent him to Helena, not for the Party Bosses. The Party Bosses don’t want productivity in Helena, we know this because they’ve gone after productive legislators before, like Rep. Frank Garner and Rep. Courtenay Sprunger. The ability of independent thought is an authentic Montana trait and one we should all support in an elected official like Brockman. The Flathead Republican Central Committee Authoritarians want a rubber stamp who’ll kiss their ring on command, and their chosen 18-year-old candidate is that rubber stamp.

Don’t be fooled by an 18-year-old California teenager who wants to make a name for himself. Vote for an authentic Montanan and son of Evergreen who gets results. Vote for Tony Brockman for HD 8.

Charles Lapp