It’s a Tragedy that Senate Bill 442 Died

SB 442 was not just a bill but a potential momentous change for Montana

By Vicki Walbruch

It was a great tragedy and loss for the state of Montana that Senate Bill 442 died after state legislators neglected to overturn Governor Greg Gianforte’s veto. SB 442 was an incredibly popular, bipartisan bill that garnered support from a unique and unlikely coalition of groups around the state.

SB 442 was not just a bill but a potential momentous change for Montana. It aimed to redirect marijuana tax revenue towards sustainable infrastructure and county road repairs, directly benefiting a wide range of groups, including hunters, ranchers, farmers, law enforcement, medical personnel, and other members of the public. The bill also included crucial funding for conservation projects and tools to expand habitat stewardship and restoration, state parks and public trails, as well as provided permanent property tax relief for disabled Veterans and surviving spouses. The positive impact SB 442 could have had on our state cannot be overstated. 

One of the most popular and broadly supported bills in the 2023 legislative session was shot down when legislators refused to serve their constituents by not voting to override the governor’s veto. It is time for our legislators to start doing their jobs, and we must hold them accountable.

Vicki Walbruch