Why Whitefish Thrives

Whitefish is now a thriving, year-round resort community

I am forever grateful to have moved to Whitefish 25 years ago. Back then we were “Pothole City, USA.” There was one good restaurant in town and the skiing was just as awesome as it is today.

Whitefish is now a thriving, year-round resort community with many young families and successful, innovative local businesses. Our roads are paved with resort tax funds, which give tax breaks to city residents. We have the best restaurants west of the Mississippi and our theater and arts community can match Broadway. We couldn’t have such depth in the arts if our community didn’t come out to support the arts with their labor, their dollars and their love.

Whitefish just built a new high school and protected our watershed and drinking water supply in Haskill Basin. Recently, the Whitefish City Council initiated a proclamation that repudiates racism, which was witnessed by an overflowing council chambers.

The reason that Whitefish is thriving is because time and time again, our community is one that readily pitches in and rolls up its sleeves.

We don’t just say we love our schools, we build them. We don’t just talk about clean water, we preserve its source. We don’t complain about government, we get involved and participate in the process.

Is this why I live here? You betcha.

I did not move to Whitefish because of the color of anyone’s skin or their religious beliefs. I moved here for family, but our town is a family, a community family and we care for each other like nowhere else.

I love Whitefish and thankfully, we all know that in Whitefish, Love does Live Here.

Joan Vetter Ehrenberg

  • Perrico de los Palotes

    Flathead Beacon, you disgrace yourselves by publishing this hater’s letter.

    • Richard Jones

      No, they disgrace themselves by not banning you from commenting with your white supremacyst POV.

  • Bill Haring

    Right on Joan

  • Perrico de los Palotes

    Hey Joan, I too know why your kind move here. You move here to complain about our Nativity scenes on public grounds, to snivel about Christmas carols at a school event, to kvetch about prayer in schools and municipal meetings. You came here as corruptors to bring us abortion, drug use, broken families, usury & financial ruin, destruction & death.

    Please go away.

    • Rhett the Butler

      And your family moved here because Montana is 90% white.

    • Richard Jones

      You’ve lived here for how long?

      Why don’t you go away you snarky little beeotch?

  • whitiedog

    too bad we got all that bad press when those disgusting jews tried to ruin that old goy woman’s life. too bad the media is covering up for the zio atrocities committed by this bad of horrible people. “the naked rabbi”. how sick can you get?

    • todd tanner

      “Disgusting jews?” Seriously? A little free advice. Go spew your hate someplace else.

      • whitiedog

        did you read the emails? very disgusting!

      • Richard Jones

        He is 100% fine with minorities if they have money, and has stated as much.

        But, he has no problem with poor white trash.

        Mormons are such a nice, welcoming group of whackos.

  • When liberals take over small towns in America they begin by increasing prices to remove undesirables, which for most liberals are conservative whites and “red necks”. This attracts more liberals who then transform the town into their image by opening shops that largely appeal only to them, with expensive guilt-free goods, novelty international foods, and numerous “art” galleries. If they still feel insecure about not being liberal and international enough, you might get a Tibetan goods shop or similarly obscure and irrelevant shop.

    Meanwhile they’ve been moving into positions of political power and influence, passing laws to ensure their prosperity and going out of their way to self-congratulate themselves as being open minded and diverse. Once their population becomes a majority, they inevitably begin a self-righteous crusade to more actively and forcefully apply their values by asserting control with local laws and ordinances. This is not simply posturing but a force to remove pockets of resistance and discourage opposition from moving in. Real estate by this time will be unaffordable to blue-color average middle class people who tend to be conservative.

    Next come the gun control laws and other control laws which are as much practical as symbolic. They are desperate to stand out and seem different and approved by the liberal hive mind, and such laws are necessary to seal this illusion into place.

    Finally their festering white guilt will enter the final stage where they feel ashamed for not being diverse enough, and they begin to bring in refugees and “migrants” who are the poor sinners in their cosmology. They will then stoop and sacrifice to these groups and submit to the inevitable decline they bring, some even sacrificing themselves or their children to this god of diversity.

    Finally, when they’ve ruined their own nest, they flee to untouched small towns or large properties where they can live out their days immune from the natural consequences of their own beliefs and behavior.

  • Wealthy white liberals have been occupying, transforming, snuffing out and embalming small towns across America for decades. It’s no coincidence that Glacier County voted 61% for corrupt elitist and war hawk Hillary Clinton.

    Their hallmarks are increased real estate prices ensuring undesirables cannot afford to live there (blue collar conservatives primarily), increased control of local ordinances to further tighten the screws and scare off undesirables, a hodgepodge of liberal-approved local businesses and art galleries many of which are little more than posturing novelty, like obscure international gifts or food stuffs.

    Eventually they realize that real diversity, economic or otherwise, does not exist on their watch under their principles. This coupled with their festering white guilt ends up in the inevitable disaster of importing rapeugees and migrant dependents from the 3rd World.

    Because these migrants occupy the poor sinner role in the liberal cosmology, liberals enjoy a brief state of bliss as they sip their $5 latte and observe the Congolese mother carrying her two children outside the crepe shop, or watch the two military-aged Somali men loitering outside the artisan olive oil shop. Their exotic 3rd world pets are far more interesting than the locally-sourced dumb red necks whom they economically strangled out long ago.

    Of course we all know what happens next, as liberals famously foul their own nests and fly away to start over with all their winnings.

    • Rhett the Butler

      You need to have a Snickers bar.

      • Yeah I guess I was a bit harsh, but sometimes you have to focus on the cloud and leave the silver lining to somebody else.

        • Richard Jones

          Or you could not start every post by being the a$$hole you are.

    • reggiewhitefish

      Yeah, right. All those wealthy white liberals occupying small towns must be why Trump carried the rural areas by such a big margin.

      Third world immigrants are brought here to fill the jobs that don’t pay enough to live on. These jobs are provided by local business that see them as a big savings over the wages required by native born workers. Thus putting downward pressure on wages, to the delight of conservatives everywhere.

      And, yes, there are blue collar conservatives. They are just misinformed, as it is conservatives that oppose all efforts at improving the lifestyle of workers.

  • jrconner

    A good letter by a good woman and productive member of her community.

  • whitiedog

    Is this what they mean by race traitor?

    • Caddisfly

      Are you what is known as a POS.

    • Richard Jones

      Are you what they mean by GIANT PU$$Y?

  • Perrico de los Palotes
  • Whitefish to declare itself a Sanctuary City in 3, 2….

    • Richard Jones

      Sensitive snowflake acting like a$$hole in 3,2,1…..