Two For Thought

Brink of War?

Same topic, different views

By Tim Baldwin

During Donald Trump’s campaign and presidency, his rhetoric has been loose and reckless and sometimes downright outrageous. Notwithstanding, Trump claimed during his campaign that he would not interfere in foreign affairs and opposed President Barack Obama’s bombings in Syria. It appears Trump’s actions now fall in line with his reckless speech than nonintervention promises. 

With talk of North Korea testing nuclear weapons, Trump has suggested a preemptive attack. Neighboring nations, like Japan, South Korea and Russia, are advising America and North Korea to tone down the rhetoric before their hot heads and rash behavior start World War III.

Reports say that China is trying to persuade North Korea to refrain from nuclear testing. China is a huge beneficiary of American consumers and would not likely benefit if a war started with North Korea, but Trump has decried China, so it is not clear how China will help America here.

Trump’s and North Korea’s posturing implies we are at the brink of war, yet Trump has not conveyed to America what purpose, strategy or aim is in the works for such a world-changing and deathly venture. The American people have more than a right to know.

If Trump is going to start a war before he submits overwhelmingly evidence and Congress declares, Congress should consider impeachment proceedings. American’s lives and future cannot be destroyed by hotheads.

By Joe Carbonari

President Donald Trump is now playing poker for us at the big boy’s table. At stake: peace and security. North Korea’s bet is that their current nuclear military capability is enough to keep them from being deprived of more. They have plans to be able to hit our West Coast with nuclear attacks and everything in between. We say “no can do … we won’t allow it.” Somewhat similar problems with Iran and Cuba come to mind. We don’t like to be threatened, any more than we already are, especially by an unpredictable player. North Korea says their tests, and development, will go on.

We maintain that the time for it to stop is now. We have a large naval task force approaching the area and Vice President Mike Pence visiting South Korea, which is currently between leaders due to a corruption scandal. Poor timing. North Korea threatens to strike the citizens of Seoul, South Korea’s capitol, and the 28,000 American troops currently in the country. Nuclear attacks have been mentioned. Reports are that all is ready for North Korea’s next nuclear test. It was thought that they would conduct it on their founding hero’s birthday over this weekend. Instead, they shot off a missile test that fizzled in the first 6 seconds. When asked if U.S. cyber action had brought it down, we have smiled. Eighty-eight percent of their recent tests of this nature have failed.

Trump has said that China is trying to help us. South Korea and Japan, also in current target range, say take care. Play the hand, not the pot.