Quist Will Protect our Clean Air and Water and Public Lands

A vote for Quist is a vote to protect what we love here

The things that make Montana special are our public lands, clean water and air, and abundant wildlife. Most of us live in Montana to enjoy the great outdoors. We are spiritually strengthened by the sights of majestic mountains, clear streams, and wildlife. These things also form the basis of our state economy. Millions of visitors travel to our state (and spend their money) to see the things that we sometimes take for granted.

It is obvious which candidate will protect those things and which candidate will squander them. All that you have to do is look at the party platform to see which one supports public land and environmental regulations and which one does not.

Rob Quist was born and raised in Montana and he understands the importance of Montana’s unparalleled environment. A vote for him is a vote to protect what we love here.

Debo Powers