Majestic Valley Arena Fight Triggers Motorcycle Club Investigation

Flathead County Sheriff’s Office authorities have arrested multiple people associated with the Pagan’s Motorcycle Club following a large fight at a Kalispell venue last month

By Maggie Dresser
Flathead County Sheriff’s Office law enforcement officers. Hunter D’Antuono | Flathead Beacon

After a large-scale fight involving alleged members of the Pagan’s Motorcycle Club that left a teenager injured at a Majestic Valley Arena event last month, Flathead County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) officials are investigating ongoing criminal activity within the club’s Flathead Chapter.

“The incident at Majestic Valley heightened the awareness and from the law enforcement and public safety perspective, if these incidents are occurring, we need to address those,” Flathead County Sheriff Brian Heino said.

Last month, local and federal authorities identified Flathead County residents Michael Allen Murphy and Kyle Martin Johnson as the president and vice president of the Pagan’s Motorcycle Club Flathead Chapter, respectively.

On Feb. 28, deputies, Kalispell Police Department (KPD) officers and probation and parole officers arrived at Murphy’s residence in Kalispell to arrest him for a parole violation. Murphy attempted to flee the residence but was taken into custody without incident.

Several other individuals were called out from the residence and were cooperative except for Johnson, who had several active warrants, and remained inside – refusing to comply with officers. After about 30 minutes, Johnson cooperated with law enforcement and exited the residence.

“We partnered with federal and state partners in Washington, and we have gathered more information,” Heino said. “There’s more investigation needed, and we are working with our partners.”

Heino said authorities were unaware of a Flathead Chapter of the Pagan’s Motorcycle until last month when a fight involving around 50 people broke out at the Majestic Valley Arena in Kalispell during a boxing event. Several alleged members of the club were at the event, many who traveled from Washington and were at the event to support a participant that they sponsored.

Washington resident Brandi Laree Partney was arrested at the fight and charged with a felony count of assault with a weapon after allegedly striking a 16-year-old attendee with a wooden baseball bat during the fight. She pleaded not guilty in Flathead County District Court on Feb. 23.

According to charging documents, authorities arrived on Feb. 11 to a “chaotic scene” at Flathead Valley Fight Night at the Majestic Valley Arena where they found a large crowd of people yelling at each other, many of whom wore vests that said “Warlords” and “Pagans.” Based on the insignias, authorities concluded there were members from at least two motorcycle gangs – the Pagan’s Motorcycle Club and the Warlords Motorcycle Club – involved in the fight, records state.

Officers were directed to a 16-year-old male who was reportedly struck with a baseball bat during the fight. The victim said he saw multiple people associated with one of the “biker gangs” attack his father. When he tried to pull the attacker off him, Partney allegedly hit him with the bat.

The teenager and his father were “significantly injured” by members of the motorcycle clubs and they were transported to Logan Health for treatment, according to officials. Several witness statements and cell phone video footage confirmed the victim’s account, according to charging documents.